The education system

Hello everyone! This is my first blog. I’m a 16 year old student who is on the way to make a change in the society and awake the youth.

My blog revolves around our education system. The education system is not education system anymore, it should be renamed as The examination system.

Education is nothing but just a business now. People are not willing to give knowledge, teach about the life lessons, instead they’re running for the money. The fault is not of the teachers or the students, it is the government that has no idea about education system and how to run it. Schools are opened, teachers are hired, students take admissions but the way of learning is wrong, the way of teaching is wrong, the way of taking exams is wrong. Ever imagined a dancer, a singer, an artist, a photographer, a writer etc. all of them sitting in a room/hall just for what, for scoring marks, to get on the top. It has become a race! It is the children sacrificing their own interests to score good marks. Indians have a mindset that the one who scores good get success else he will be an unsuccessful person in future.

Coaching centers are opening in every corner of the country, not to give knowledge but yes, to earn! Schools, today, provide a very wide study to the students, they have better technologies for the students, but above all of it, no one teaches them life lessons, how life will play with them. When good students fail to get success or be on the top, many of them face depression, and that is what life teaches. When you fail, what matters is bouncing back. Many of the people think parents should do this so called life lessons work but let me remind them around 25% of India’s population is illiterate, many of these have fake degrees too. Reservation plays one of the most important role in discouraging a general category student. Anyways I don’t want to talk about reservation in this blog. Will post another one on this topic.

Hope you like a young and honest citizen’s voice.

~writing for a change!